Why Tinta?

In Spanish, “tinta” means ink. My inkwell is a cup of coffee (that would be the “tinto” part of the equation).

Every morning I dip my invisible quill pen into some delicious brewed coffee for writing inspiration. I think if I started the day with red wine (the other “tinto”), the words would be unraveling by noon.

I am passionate about writing for the health of our planet and bodies.

I am a word nerd and catch my thrills doing proofreading and editing.

I am a Spanish-English bilingual translator savvy in cross-cultural communication.

My expertise is in coffee.

You can count on me to convey the right message. You’ll have it all on good authority, or as they say in Spanish, “de buena tinta”.

Why Tinto?

In Colombia, “tinto” means two delicious beverages with two very different colors, or “tintos”, meaning “dye”.

Black coffee and red wine are both “tinto”.

If you order a “tinto”, guess which one you’ll be brought? It doesn’t matter if it’s at morning or night, at a roadside cafe or elegant restaurant, “tinto” means “black coffee”. You’d have to specify “vino tinto” to get the red wine. We’re not in Argentina; this is Colombia, after all.

Colombia is coffee. Coffee is Colombia.

Tinto Tinta brings you the best of Colombian coffee. Talk to me about what beans you need.

I’ll celebrate the arrival of your first shipment with a toast of the other “tinto”.