De capsula a campana/From capsule to bell

De capsula a campana, de café a decoración:

Un árbol reciclado es nuestra nueva tradición.

(Gracias Nespresso por los colores tan acordes para Navidad.)


¡Felices fiestas!


From capsule to bell,

From espresso to mistletoe:

The greenest tree comes from recycling coffee.

(Thanks Nespresso for the Christmassy colors.)


Happy holidays!

Coffee is liquid medicine

In Ethiopia, where coffee originated, their word for the drink (“bunna”) doesn’t follow the pattern of starting with ‘K’, ‘Q’, or ‘C’.

Another exception, also going back to origins, is in the indigenous language Ojibwe of the Anishinabek Native Americans from my native Minnesota.


Broken down into 3 parts, it means “black medicine water”.

makade = black

mashkiki = medicine

waaboo = water

So basically coffee is liquid medicine.

Drink up!