Dateless love: coffee, mother, earth

Love doesn’t fluctuate with the calendar. Toddlers don’t feel indifference for their mommy on May 7th, and then surge to an emotional high of love on May 8th just for Mother’s Day.

(hint, hint: it’s two weeks away)

So why do we talk about how we care about the environment only on Earth Day, instead of showing our love for Mother Earth every day of the year?

Today the city of Medellín has restricted private car and motorcycle use for just half a day, in honor of (Half?) Earth Day. The sky is blue again, the smog is gone, so everyone is complaining that there’s no reason to continue to limit vehicular circulation. This short-term mentality is our planet’s downfall, and with it, our own.

We begrudgingly make drastic measures only when faced with a health emergency. As long as water still flows from the faucet, we doubt that there are actually water shortages. Sure I’ll make the symbolic effort of posting a “Love the Earth” image on Instagram today (sustainability is trending), but tomorrow it’s back to the usual.

All that love is gone in 24 hours. It’s as if the intense fling-and-forgotten of two-week summer camps was in fast motion, compressed into a 7-second Vine time elapse of crush-elation-dumped-ex. On April 22 we love the Earth. On April 23rd…meh. It’s Saturday. Let’s go to the mall!

As of 2009, the official United Nations name is International Mother Earth Day. Most of us still call it Earth Day, maybe because “Mother” is too personal. Too intimate. Too real…realistic?

Our love for coffee doesn’t fade and fluctuate on certain dates. It’s an every-day-of-the-year love affair! We wake up every morning and head straight to the kitchen, embrace the coffee cup, and take loving sips (or eager gulps).

I challenge you to take that same level of daily loving for your mother not just on May 8 and your earth mother not just on April 22.

Mom I love you more than coffee

And to prove it.