Ciudad Bolivar, Antioquia, Colombia

Owner and Grower: Juan Carlos Guerra Escobar

Juan Carlos took us on horseback rides through his farms, past waterfalls that erupt under the lumbering shadow of the cloud-forested mountain where Andean spectacled bears are said to roam. Just on the other side of that ridge, the coffee trees give way to rain forest. If you tumbled down into that jungle and kept rolling, you’d crash into the Pacific waves. Here, though, cradled in the valley, the coffee is firmly rooted, peacefully soaking up the sun, inviting you to sip a cup while lazily swinging in the hammock. Guerra’s farm was a haven from the damp days and chilly nights of the mountainous city where we worked.

Finca Las Mercedes

Green Hills Coffee – La Perfección de la Naturaleza

“Cuentan que los dioses, extasiados después de beberse la primera taza, premiaron con fuego verde ésta tierra antioqueña, y a todo aquel que con mística y amor cultiva sus montañas. Y así, uno tras otro, brotan de los arbustos, perfectas y brillantes gemas de la naturaleza que a manera de granos dan origen a esta leyenda de tradición cafetera.”

Finca Las Mercedes

Pueblo: Ciudad Bolivar

Departamento: Antioquia

País: Colombia

Altitud: 1,800 m.a.s.l.

Variedades de Café:

  • Caturra 70%
  • Castillo 20%
  • Colombia 10%

Proceso de Beneficio: Ecológico.

Secado: Solar, mecánico y sombra.

Certificaciones: Rainforest Alliance, UTZ, 4C.

Somos quinta generación de café. Nuestro abuelo compró esta finca en 1960. Tiene una expansión total de 384 hectáreas, de las cuales 226 son de bosque nativo, 8 reforestación y 750.000 árboles de café. Con más de 50 años de la producción de café, esta finca ha dominado el arte de la producción de café de alta calidad.


*my translation into English*

Green Hills Coffee – The Perfection of Nature

“It is said that the gods, in ecstasy after drinking their first cup [of coffee], awarded green fire upon this land of Antioquia and all who cultivate its mountains with love and mysticism. And thus, one after another, perfect and resplendent gems of nature sprouted from the shrubs, giving rise to the beans that constitute this legend of the coffee growing tradition.”

Municipality:  Ciudad Bolivar

Department:  Antioquia

Country:  Colombia

Altitude: 1,800 meters above sea level

Coffee Varietals:

  • Caturra 70%
  • Castillo 20%
  • Colombia 10%

Milling Process: Ecological wet mill

Drying Process: Solar and mechanical drying

Certified: Rainforest Alliance, UTZ, and 4C.

We are the fifth generation of coffee growers. Our grandfather purchased this farm in 1960. Of the total area of ​​384 hectares, 226 are covered in native forest, 8 have been reforested, and 150 are planted with coffee. In its over 50 years of coffee production, this farm has mastered the art of growing high quality coffee.

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