Cultural Adaptation

My academic background and field experience in anthropology are centered on Native American and indigenous populations and the Latin American region, specifically the countries listed below.


Target language                                             Intended audience

English                                                            U.S.A.

My native region of the United States is the Midwest, ranging in latitude from northern Minnesota to southern Iowa and in longitude from eastern Indiana to western Kansas.

In addition, I have lived in the mid-Atlantic region (from southern Maryland to northern Virginia) and the Southwest (Arizona). I currently reside in northern Texas.

Within that geographic diversity, I have also lived in diverse demographics, ranging from rural farming communities of Iowa to the urban center of Washington, D.C., the nation’s capital.

Target language                                             Intended audience

Spanish                                                          Peru, Colombia, Panama

I have lived in both remote villages and major urban areas of the following countries:

                                               Regional focus                                             Experience

Colombia                              Antioquia, coffee-growing triangle                5 years

Peru                                      Piura, northern dry forest                               2.5 years

Panama                                 Bocas del Toro, Caribbean island                  4 months

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