I read women in translation (not just in August)

August is Women in Translation Month.



This year I honor Helena Lozano Miralles, Spanish translator for Umberto Eco. I first checked out her translation of Decir casi lo mismo from Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Eco argues that translating is “saying basically the same thing”, which oversimplifies the talent of his own faithful translator.

Helena Lozano Miralles

At a street booth in Medellí­n, with books jammed in every imaginable direction with Tetra skills, I spotted the upside-down spine of El cementerio de praga. Thankfully it had little to do with horror and mostly made me hungry for Italian and French food. It’s still sitting on my bookshelf here in Texas.

Next up on my reading list? I’ve been saving his most famous work for last: El nombre de la rosa.

What’s on your bookshelf or library list by female literary translators? Who are you reading now?

Thank your translator for selecting amazing books from around the world, peeling off the language barrier word by word, and depositing works of wonder into your two hands.

Grazie Umberto Eco, y gracias Helena Lozano Miralles.

Championing women’s progress through our work in Denton

As a woman-owned business, Tinto Tinta Translations seeks to provide services that support other women:

  • translating capacity-building projects that benefit female coffee growers in Colombia
  • writing about products like the Keeper that are healthy for women’s bodies and the environment
  • editing content for a wellness coach working with Hispanic females

On International Women’s Day, I’m honored to highlight how these women leaders in my current town of Denton, Texas are championing women’s progress and being bold for change:


Championing women’s education

Nancy Hong

Director of Student Programs at Texas Women University’s Center for Women in Business

“I believe when we treat everyone equally, there is no need to do anything else!”


Challenging gender inequality

Dorothy Kuhn

Founder of Inspiring Leaders

“I help professional and entrepreneurial women excel, and women who seek elective office win. I help them to step up and move up, by being the leader they know lives inside, while keeping their integrity, and to build a tremendous tribe of dedicated followers.”


Do you know other women in Denton who deserve recognition?

How are you being bold for change, today and every day?

Rise up together at the ELEVATE Women in Business Conference

This January 28, Tinto Tinta Translations will be at the ELEVATE: Women in Business Conference at the North Branch Library in Denton, TX. Come early to meet, greet, and treat yourself to a morning coffee.

ELEVATE! Women Finding and Sharing Success

Join us for a day of women finding success in the business and creative world. A panel of successful local businesswomen will tell their stories to inspire you and vendors will be available to discuss their products and services. Women are ‘raising the bar’ on success in Denton!

Source: wallpaperup.com/26969


Saturday, January 28, 2017 from 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

Vendor Tables 10 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

Panel Discussion 12 p.m. – 1 p.m.

Networking & Refreshments 1 p.m. – 2 p.m.


North Branch Library: 3020 N. Locust St. Denton, TX

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