Denton unites at Black Film Festival

The Denton Black Film Festival has begun.

Last evening’s opening reception was centered around a multi-media art exhibit on Fruitvale Station, imagining if the victim’s unjust outcome could have been reversed.

At a time when Americans are wondering what the future holds for a nation divided by racism, let this festival bring us together to contemplate and unite through the seventh art.dbff-poster

Discover Denton is covering the event. Check out my reviews of a few films that will be screened this weekend:

Baseball provides life lessons in “Take Me Out”

“Priyanth” motivates through fear; “Rise Up” shows story of MLK and Malcolm X.

On Friday, January 27th I’ll be covering the conversation with storyteller and film director Ya’Ke Smith* at UNT on the Square. The 75-minute workshop starts at 3:30 pm and admission is free.

Hope to see you at the festival this week!

*Unfortunately, the Ya’Ke Smith workshop was cancelled at the last minute due to a family emergency. Instead, on Saturday night I captured fragments of flying poetry at the Spoken Word Open Mic, followed by the grand poetry slam. Words to inspire, analyze, and catalyze.




Why Tinta?

In Spanish, “tinta” means ink. My inkwell is a cup of coffee (that would be the “tinto” part of the equation).

Every morning I dip my invisible quill pen into some delicious brewed coffee for writing inspiration. I think if I started the day with red wine (the other “tinto”), the words would be unraveling by noon.

I am passionate about writing for the health of our planet and bodies.

I am a word nerd and catch my thrills doing proofreading and editing.

I am a Spanish-English bilingual translator savvy in cross-cultural communication.

My expertise is in coffee.

You can count on me to convey the right message. You’ll have it all on good authority, or as they say in Spanish, “de buena tinta”.